Quality & environment policy

Commitment of the management

The Quality and Environment policy of Airgrup is to provide products and services in accordance with client’s requirements without acquiring compromises that could affect the quality or safety of its products, always protecting the environment.

The activity performed consists in the “Design and manufacture of rigid and flexible tubes for conduction of fluids. Mechanizing and inspection of pieces for the aerospace and military industry. Welding, heat treatments, non-destructive testing and special processes applied to the manufacture of tubes and the mechanized pieces. Assembly of subsets and equipped of standard pieces. Mechanical maintenance, periodic reviews, checking, repair and transfer of aeronautical tools”

The management is totally committed to keep the reliability and quality of its products and services, and to respect the environment. For it agrees to comply with both legal regulations and contractual requirements, as well as with any other requirements subscribed by the organization related to its environmental aspects, besides to take the appropriate actions to avoid or minimize the negative environmental impacts that the activity might cause.

The general objectives are:

  1. Achieve the required Quality at the lowest cost, meeting the delivery times (Client’s satisfaction)

  2. Establish, analyze and assess the Quality and Environment objectives (Continuous improvement)

  3. Transmit the Quality and Environment Policy within the organization

  4. Comply with regulations and legal requirements

  5. Process management preventing pollution

  6. Develop statistical techniques as basis of processes control

  7. Optimize the internal management of wastes

  8. Commitment to improving the environmental performance of the company

The mean to achieve these general objectives is an integrated Quality and Environment system in accordance with the standards ISO-9001, EN-9100, ISO-14001, PECAL-2110, ISO-17025 and a system for special processes control in accordance with pri-Nadcap requirements.

Gema Villasuso

Head of Quality and Environment

Ignacio González-Blanch

Chief Executive Officer Airgrup

Quality & environment policy. Rev. G